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My friend in college studies psychology and he decided for his thesis to set up an experiment measuring the different confidence levels of me and women…

one of the questions on the test was to rate what you thought your IQ was…below average, average, above average or genius…

Almost all of the males who took part rated themselves as above average or genius level of intelligence,

While, almost all of the females rated themselves as average or below average intelligence.

I’m beginning to believe that the ‘real’ differences between men and women come from within. I understand that all over the world women are subjected to sexism each day, I do not refute that….but, how can women expect equality when we’re constantly putting ourselves down….yes, I’m sure ‘society is to blame’ but aren’t we in charge of how we see ourselves?

"And she loved him, even more than she loved herself"

See…therein lies the problem, it’s not hard for a girl to love a boy above herself because most girls don’t even like themselves, let alone love themselves. How can we have a generation of strong women, able to defend themselves when they don’t even think they’re worth defending. It’s awful sad. 

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