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Don’t underestimate the kindness of humanity

So today I had to get two buses to get home, I got the first bus without a problem but unfortunately my purse fell out of my bag.
Upon realising I was terrified, did someone rob me? How would I get home?
But three things re-ignited my faith in humanity:
One: I rang the bus company that owned the bus I left my purse on. They located my purse and offered to give it to my boyfriend the next day on their return trip.
Two: I let the station manager know about my situation and he said if the second bus driver didn’t let me on, he’d let me on the train to get home.
Three: I walked up to the second bus driver and explained and the first thing he says is “screw your ticket, is your purse okay?”
And that’s it, the kindness of three separate humans on one occasion re-affirm for me that there are good people who do kind things for strangers every single day.

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